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Igniter Game Jam in August GDevelop 4/5

  • Create a game in GDevelop 4/5
  • (
  • Could it be played in HTML5 or Windows/Mac/Linux or Mobile devices
  •  The game must be created only by you or your team.
  • No insult, no spam, no self promotion of other games.
  • No older projects, please do not reuse other games you created.
  • Theme: Any theme.
  • Assets: Previous assets you have created are allowed, but we recommend that you create new ones for the game jam.
  • Assets: You can use any assets, free or paid, that you created or other creators, if the assets has Attribution is required, you should mention in some screen of the game.

Prize for the 1st: *

A 6 months subscription will be granted to the winner.****

ni2TN0 - Games Igniter



Original 8BitDo SN30 Pro cable USB Gamepad para Nintendo interruptor Windows Raspberry Pi SN juego edici - Games Igniter

  • 1 8bitdo SN30 Wired controller
  • 1 domain .com (FREE) for a year for you to upload yor website **
  • 1 hosting account (FREE) for a year, Hosted in US servers ***
  • 1 tileset assets from our store

Prize for all participants:

  • 1 tileset assets from our store


You can visit our website at and contact us.


* The prize includes a .com domain that we are going to pay, and a Hosting account associated that we are going to pay and perform the maintenance. Optionally you can request to US to cancel anytime, and plus if you Want a WordPress site we can install it for you toal Free of charge.

** This domain will be registered by Us, we are going to request you personal information to fill the domain data as ICANN requested.

*** This Hosting account will be in OUR servers in US as part of a Sahred Hosting, the domain will be assosiated to this account for a year.


The award will be made at the end of the gamejam, the full details of the winner will be requested, Name, surname, address, and mobile phone, once we receive the data we make the purchase and place the shipping data of the winning person.
* Note: The purchase is subject to stock at the moment.
* Cannot be returned
* It can not be changed

*IMPORTANT: You can request the money instead of the prize, value is 15€, will be sended to you via PayPal.

*DISCLAIMER: We reserve the right to send the prize in money in case we cannot complete the shipment due to location issues.


The INDIE subscription will be guaranteed to the winner through the creators of GDevelop, when the winner is decided, the GDevelop organization will be notified to activate the subscription. Games Igniter is not responsible for such management and therefore we cannot guarantee a specific date of application of the INDIE subscription.