WOW Scores – A Web based API to integrate leaderboards in your GDevelop 5 games

WOW Scores a new website that allow you to integrate a leaderboards on your GDevelop 5 game.
It’s free and you only need to register to start reading the documentation and integrate the GDevelop JSON API in your game.
Visit wowscores now.
Also you can check a working demo game of the WOW Scores API potential
Take a look here

It’s super easy to integrate leaderboards into your games with the help of this API, you are going to be able to add players to your game, even with an auth system for your player to login into the game.

Add the POST request with the help of the actions in GDevelop 5, then retrieve the API server Data to your game and act in kind.

Basic Options page in GDevelop 5

The most basic way I found to make an Options page in GDevelop 5 with one Scene and it’s Events linked.

In this case my screen with is 640×360 but you want to adjust to your screen resolution. and change the camera to the X points based on your screen with, then show/hide the buttons to move between X coordinates of the camera.
I’m pretty sure there will be a lot of better ways to do this but is simple and work in any screen resolutions.

Spawn enemies at differrent points in GDevelop 5

I’m going to show you how to spawn enemies at different spawn points in GDevelop 5

The source code is here

State Machine with 3 attack combo in GDevelop

State Machine with 3 attacks

I’m going to show you how to made a simple state machine in GDevelop 5

First grab the assets here

So lets start

Create the Scene

Create a Scene and add all the assets, then create 4 text objects for debug purpose.

The Events of the Game Scene

Creating Player Events

Create an External events and name it Player Events and place this code

Continue inside of the Player Group just below the Direction Group put these events

You’re done with the tutorial

So it’s done, I could not figured out how to play idle animation when the player is in collision with a wall but is up to you to do it. And check the speed of the animations in this demo is set to 0.15 maybe is better to set a lower value so the animation plays fast.

Play it here


Grab the source code from GitHub