Stonefly – New Gameplay Today

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There’s beauty in indie games. A freedom to say yes to someone’s most outlandish and creative ideas and not be tethered to the confines of what’s come before. Flight School Studio’s new title, Stonefly, embodies that with its distinct art style and intriguing bug mechs that caught our eye when the game was first announced earlier this year.

Fans of beautiful games and New Gameplay Today are in for a treat, as we’re exploring Stonefly with none other than Adam Volker, creative director at Flight School Studio. Mr. Volker is taking our own Alex Van Aken and Marcus Stewart on a journey through Stonefly, showing off the platforming, combat, and beautiful world of the studio’s latest creation.

For those just learning of Stonefly, the indie title focuses on a girl named Annika who is off to collect a plethora of resources to build her own suit of bug armor and retrieve her father’s lost mech. On top of a gorgeously realized world filled with small creatures and a massive forest, Flight School Studio also wanted to take a unique approach with its combat. Instead of massacring bugs in order to stockpile resources, players will take the “Smash Bros Method” and push little insects off trees as they hop around and better customize their mechanical friend.

Are you excited about Flight School Studio’s latest indie title? You’re in luck because Stonefly is out now for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC!

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Square Enix’s E3 2021 Showcase Will Highlight Babylon’s Fall, Reveal New Eidos Montreal Title

Now that we know what the entire E3 schedule looks like, Square Enix has gone ahead and pulled the curtain back on its E3 2021 digital keynote, detailing some of the big announcements it has in store. The 40-minute presentation airs June 13 at 12:15 p.m. Pacific on Square’s YouTube and Twitch channels and will feature, among other things, the debut of a brand-new game and an update on a long-lost title. 

First off, the stream will provide a new look at the long-awaited but seldom seen Babylon’s Fall. For those who don’t remember, this is the upcoming action game by Platinum Games that was first announced in June 2018. We don’t know much about it other than that it’s a stylish combat game that blends medieval and sci-fi aesthetics, and we haven’t heard a peep about it since its last gameplay showing in December 2019. 

The stream will also feature the premiere of a brand new game from Eidos Montreal. There’s no hint of what the studio has up its sleeve, but the last big title to come from the studio was 2018’s Shadow of the Tomb Raider. Eidos also lent a hand in developing Marvel’s Avengers.

Speaking of Avengers, fans of that game will finally get a look at the upcoming Black Panther – War for Wakanda expansion as well as other news on future in-game events. Fingers crossed that the name “Spider-Man” is uttered at some point. 

For Life is Strange fans, the keynote will feature a deep dive into Life is Strange: True Colors as well as give a first look at Life is Strange: Remastered

These won’t be the only announcements taking place, so you’ll have to tune in to to see what else Square has to show. It is worth noting that the press release lacks any mention of Final Fantasy VII Remake Part 2 or Final Fantasy XVI. That doesn’t mean these games won’t appear or be spoken of in some capacity, but it might be best to temper expectations ahead of time when it comes to new updates on either project. 

Excited to learn more about Babylon’s Fall? What do you think Eidos Montreal has in the works? Speculate to your heart’s content down in the comments!


Full E3 2021 Schedule Revealed

E3 2021 is almost here! This year has flown by so fast, and just next week we are kicking off a whole new wave of gaming announcements and reveals. With the festivities jumpstarting on June 12, ESA has revealed the full schedule for this year’s showcase, starting with Ubisoft and Gearbox. 

Hosted by Alex “Goldenboy” Mendez, Jacki Jing, and Greg Miller, E3 2021 begins on June 12 and will run until June 15. There are other showcases around that time as well, including Geoff Keighley’s own Summer Games Fest and a few individual streams as well. This year is also all-digital, so anyone can tune in to see what’s in store. 

June 12

  • Pre-show at 10 a.m. Pacific / 1 p.m. Eastern
  • Gearbox Entertainment 
  • Ubisoft

June 13

  • Pre-show at 8:45 a.m. Pacific / 11:45 a.m. Eastern
  • Microsoft + Bethesda 
  • Square Enix
  • The PC Gaming Show
  • Future Games Show
  • Warner Bros. Games and Back 4 Blood
  • 24 Entertainment

June 14

  • Pre-show at 8 a.m. Pacific / 11 a.m. Eastern
  • Take-Two 
  • Mythical Games
  • Freedom Games
  • Razer
  • Capcom
  • Verizon 
  • Intellivision
  • VENN

June 15

  • Pre-show at 8 a.m. Pacific / 11 a.m. Eastern
  • Nintendo 
  • Bandai Namco
  • Yooreka Games
  • GameSpot

June 15 will also host an awards ceremony meant to celebrate everything shown off during the upcoming whirlwind week. You can learn more about the upcoming event through ESA right here. The adventure kicks off soon, are you ready?

What are you excited to see the most at E3 2021? Any rumors you’re hoping to see some validation for? Sound off with your thoughts in the comment section below! 


Mass Effect Legendary Edition Player Finds Long Lost Mars Rover Easter Egg In Mass Effect 3

Mass Effect Legendary Edition offers newcomers and veteran fans alike a chance to enjoy the beloved BioWare trilogy on this generation of consoles with all of the previously released story DLC. With so many new players boarding the Normandy for the first time, longtime fans are getting to experience that excitement once more vicariously through a new wave of fans. That being said, there are still secrets being found. Secrets like this Mars Rover Easter egg in Mass Effect 3. 

I remember finding this cute little guy a few years ago and I had no idea that it wasn’t something people knew about. This has been an Easter egg that has gone largely undiscovered for over ten years, and with all of the news about Mars in real life? It’s pretty heckin’ cute. Check out the adorable little clip in the tweet below: 

Emma later added that she learned how to spot this curious little Rover by finding a thread over on Reddit: 

The Reddit thread, found here, shows off how players can find this clever NASA Easter egg. It gained traction in the Mass Effect community, with other players sharing their own surprise over the discovery. “10 years ago I put an easter egg in the mars mission of ME3, and as far as I know no one ever stumbled upon it,” said former BioWare designer Richard Boisvert. “At the beginning of the mars mission, feel free to walk through the nearby solar panel array in the following way to see it.”

The more you know!

Want to know even more about Mass Effect Legendary Edition? Be sure to check out our game hub here for features, guides, news, exclusive interviews, and so much more! Be sure to also drop some of your favorite Easter eggs in the sci-fi trilogy in the comment section below! 


Days Gone Developer Reveals It Has A New IP In The Works

Bend Studio, the team behind Days Gone and Syphon Filter, has announced it’s working on a new IP. The studio shared the news on Twitter yesterday with an open letter to fans. The reveal doesn’t share any details regarding what sort of game it is, when it’s expected to release, or much else beyond “we’re working on something.” The news comes after a recent report that the studio isn’t moving forward on production of a Days Gone 2 (much to the chagrin of fans). 

Despite the lack of substantial details, it’s always exciting to see a studio delve into something new, especially if you’re a fan of its previous works. You can take a look at the announcement in the embedded tweet below. 

If you’re unable to follow the link, here is the transcribed text:

“We are beyond grateful for your support with Days Gone and are truly honored by the amount of passion our community has shared with us for our world and characters. Your enthusiasm motivates us to continue to improve and create experiences that will last a lifetime.

From the Syphon Filter series to Resistance: Retribution, to Uncharted: Golden Abyss, and Days Gone, we are very excited to announce today that we are expanding the Bend Studio portfolio with a brand new IP.

We hope you embark on this new journey with us, and we can’t wait to show you what we’ve been working on.”

Naturally, we’re all curious about what sort of game the team is working on but I’d wager it will be at least a year or two before we get any real inkling about what the project entails. Since it’s a new IP, that of course means it won’t be a follow-up to any existing series in its portfolio (sorry Syphon Filter fans). The only real guarantee is that whatever this is will be a PlayStation exclusive since Bend is a first-party Sony developer. 

The last game that Bend shipped was Days Gone in April 2019. Despite releasing to middling to average reviews it’s returned to the spotlight as of late. The game recently arrived on PC, and Days Gone’s director and former Bend employee Jeff Ross recently shared that a sequel was pitched to Sony that would feature a shared co-op universe. Unfortunately for fans, Sony allegedly turned it down. That hasn’t stopped enthusiastic Days Gone players from petitioning Sony to greenlight a sequel.  

Bend Studio’s next project could be literally anything. Given the developer’s past works, what sort of game would you like to see from it? Something within its wheelhouse or would you like to see the team tackle a new genre? Share your thoughts in the comments!


Singularity 6’s Palia Is A Relaxing MMO

We’ve seen countless MMORPGs all vying to be the one that excels in terms of giant raids, precision combat, and engaging progression. Singularity 6’s first game, Palia, taps into a different kind of loop. Instead of being focused on character progression by means of weapons, armor, and dragonslaying, Palia aims to get players invested in the charms of farming, relationship building, and decorative finesse. If Palia sounds like Stardew Valley or Animal Crossing meets MMO to you, you’re not far from the mark. Pre-alpha access is scheduled to land this summer, and you can sign up here. Check out the announcement trailer!

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In Palia, you play as a human in a fledgling world ready for you to shape. And how can you shape it? It starts with your living space, naturally. Every player has their own plot to advance and customize, with over a thousand decoration items available at launch. Naturally, you can invite your friends over to hang out and take in the scenery. Whereas traditional MMORPGs have guilds or clans to join, Palia has neighborhoods. In Neighborhoods, you can group up with other players to take on bigger tasks and objectives and reap the rewards.

While the focus is absolutely on the various tasks of fantasy life like bug catching, hanging out around the campfire, and fishing, there are opportunities for adventurers to go out and mess around with more dangerous fare in the areas outside the complete safety of the village. How deep the battles or hunts with the denizens outdoors go is up to players to decide, but it’s safe to say that the core focus of Palia lies within the social structures and cozy customization options that are in place for a more relaxed playstyle. There may be a wolf or some other nasty causing trouble far outside town, but you won’t have to worry about one of those critters coming in and messing up S’more night with the gang.

Right now, the pre-alpha access is only scheduled for PC, and we’ll have to wait to see if it will come to any other platforms as it gets on a path to release.


Dark Horse Comics Dedicates Itself To Gaming With New Division

Dark Horse Comics has brought some of our favorite games into the realm of graphic novels. Turns out, that’s just the beginning. The publisher just recently announced that it has started its own gaming division with Dark Horse Games. 

This company has been one of my favorites in the comics world and not just because it gave me more of Dragon Age’s Fenris with new tales of our beloved broody elf. Dark Horse has been a leading name in the gaming community with comic adaptations for years, growing exponentially since its debut back in 1986. From Tom Clancy to Mass Effect, there are so many games that Dark Horse has helped bring to life in a new way. The company even offers unique collectibles for our favorite gaming franchises as well, including the famed Witcher series

The Dark Horse Games initiative aims to create games based on franchises that don’t necessarily have the biggest limelight, teaming up with external studios to see this creative vision to fruition. “We have evergreen properties, like Hellboy, where there will always be interest in making games and doing collaborations,” said general manager Johnny Lee to VentureBeat.

He added, “We and our partners can really evaluate if a story IP and character universe would be a good fit for games that they’re internally designing and developing. I think most AAA devs that I’ve talked to prefer their game dev team to build core gameplay and then fit an IP to it, versus shoving an IP down their throats. We’re sensitive to that.”

The work on this new division has already begun, starting with a small team and growing from there. 

Are you excited to see what Dark Horse can accomplish in the gaming space? What comics would you like to see get gaming adaptations? Sound off with your thoughts in the comment section below! 


Final Fantasy VII Remake PS5 Save Transfer Included In New Update

Final Fantasy VII Remake PS5 save transfers are now available thanks to a new update in place for the Intergrade new-gen enhancements. This means that those that enjoyed the modernized take on a Final Fantasy favorite can now enjoy the tale on a new generation of gaming without having to start from scratch. 

When players boot up Final Fantasy VII Remake, they’ll see a new option added to the game’s main menu. It is there that a new choice has been added, the Upload Save Data option. Click on that and you can choose a save file of your choosing to upload to be directly downloaded onto your PS5 system specifically for Intergrade. For those that may have had several different runs, you’re not just limited to just one save file either.

But what about trophies? No worries, trophy data, which is not uncommon, will also transfer over for Intergrade. Players will see all of the new features that Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade has on PS5 when the game releases on June 10. This also includes the brand new Yuffie episode, which is exclusive to PS5, and will bring in even more familiar faces to the remake for long-time fans to enjoy. 

Save transfers are hit and miss with this gen, it seems. Some games offer it right out of the gate, other studios say it’s just not possible. That being said, PlayStation 5 consoles are still very much hard to come by and Sony has updated gamers that this shortage won’t be ending any time soon

What are your thoughts on Final Fantasy VII Remake and Intergrade? Are you excited to see more from the first part of Final Fantasy VII Remake, or are you purely focused on getting your hands on part 2? Sound off with your thoughts in the comment section below. 


Four Things To Know About Mario Golf: Super Rush

A man of a million hobbies and professions, Mario is once again going golfing this summer in Mario Golf: Super Rush. Ahead of the game’s June 25 release date, we had a chance to watch about an hour of the game’s many modes in a hands-off demo. If you’re new to the series (like me!), here’s four quick things we learned about the game that will prepare you for hitting the greens.

It’s a surprisingly good way to learn about golf

Birdies, pars, bogies, so on and so forth. Golf is full of jargon and terminology that, if you’re like me and not an avid golf fan, makes little-to-no sense. Recognizing its player base may not be aficionados, Nintendo has outfitted Super Rush with a helpful glossary that defines all of golf’s many terms, helping players get a grasp on the real-life sport. Perhaps a small feature in the grand scheme of things, it stands out as a helpful tool for people that are either A) looking to get into golf or B) just trying to wrap their head around this quasi-sports video game.

There are boss fights, and they are cool

During our time seeing Super Rush’s Adventure Mode – effectively the game’s campaign – we got a chance to see a boss fight in action. As far as we can tell, these fights are not the most technically challenging battles, but they are a novel way to utilize the game’s mechanics. The boss we saw had a lightning attack you had to avoid, while trying to deflect the attacks back. After a short fight, our demo presenter’s reward was a lightning sword, which presumably they might be able to use as a golf club.

While we can’t speak to how many bosses there will be in the game, or how and if they change up the gameplay, beyond what we saw, it was exciting to know that our golf skills will be put to the test in unique and unexpected ways as we make our way through the game’s campaign.

Speed Golf is chaos – in the best possible way

One of the new game modes in Super Rush is Speed Golf, which forgoes making players wait their turn and pits four golfers against each other all at once. Standing together to tee off, once players hit their initial shot they sprint across the course to get to their ball, thus being able to hit again, until finally getting it into the hole. The challenge here is that your opponents are doing the exact same thing – and you must contend with them. On top of golfing against each other, players can work to sabotage their opponents, either by running them over and slowing them down, or through special attacks. During our time watching the game, our demo presenter used King Bob-omb to litter the putting green with smaller bob-ombs, which exploded when characters ran into them.

Speed Golf is chaotic, to be sure. But it also necessitates some amount of strategy and knowledge of your player character. Finding out which style of character works for you will be crucial in beating out the opposition.

The motion controls sure do work – as far as we can tell

While Super Rush obviously has a standard control scheme, it also allows players to use motion controls, if they so choose. Keeping in mind we did not get to play the game ourselves, we did watch a Nintendo employee playing the game with motion controls, and what we saw was promising. Rather than simply flicking their wrist to hit the golf ball, our presenter actually stood up and mimicked a standard golf swing, playing a round as close-to-real-life as possible while playing a game on the Switch. It adds a level of physicality to an otherwise goofy and cute game that could make for interesting head-to-head matches where you test how accurate you and your friends can be with actual golf swings, rather than just flicking the Joy-Con thumbstick.

Mario Golf: Super Rush launches to Switch on June 25.


How Horizon Forbidden West’s New Valor Surges Work

Last week, we finally saw a good chunk of gameplay for Horizon Forbidden West, which showcased plenty of new powers for Aloy. She can blind foes with smoke bombs, slow and stall machines with adhesive grenades, and shoot off and acquire enemy weapons to turn their own firepower on them. We also saw the addition of Valor Surges to her arsenal and were immediately intrigued. 

Valor Surges grant Aloy unique and powerful abilities, such as the ability to knock back enemies, as the State of Play demo showcased. In our recent video interview with members of Guerrilla Games, we couldn’t resist asking them more about this new feature and what it will add to combat. Turns out, more than we thought, as you can unlock different ones on the skill tree and they’re tied to the playstyle you invest in there.

“Valor Surges are a new addition and the way you acquire them is via the skill tree, which also has been completely redesigned and repopulated with new skills,” explains game director Mathijs de Jonge. “The skill tree is designed to support many different play styles, and each play style has Valor Surges that you can unlock by spending skill points on them. The player can choose which Valor Surge is active at any moment.”

While de Jonge said they’ll share more about the revamped skill tree at a later date, he did tell us how to activate the Valor Surges  by filling their own energy bar. “The way you build up that Valor Surge bar is by playing tactically. Because in Horizon, if you play tactically, you are rewarded with tactical combat XP; it’s its own point system. So every time you do a headshot on a human, or if you remove a component from a machine, we count [that] as tactical play, and you get a little bit of combat XP and that goes into the Valor Surge bar. So by playing tactically, you are rewarded by being able to execute these powerful moves. [These are] big payoff moments that you can use to your advantage, like the 360 blasts, which knocks back your enemies.”

We tried to get de Jonge to elaborate more on the changes to the skill tree, and while we didn’t entirely succeed, he did confirm a significant overhaul took place. “We didn’t redesign the skill tree for you a little, [the old skill tree] is completely thrown out the window,” he said. “We kind of started over. There’s a whole new skill tree. Also, visually, everything, it’s completely new. We spent a lot of time on giving more options to the player and [having] more cool options to play with. As for which playstyles and how exactly it works, I think that’s something we’ll go into later when we can actually show it to you because it was not part of the demo, so I cannot really explain it yet.” 

Color us intrigued by what’s in store with the new skill tree. We also can’t wait to find out what other types of Valor Surges are in the game, as they seem to play a pretty big part in combat.


A Hands-On Look At Neo: The World Ends With You

Neo: The World Ends With You challenges players to survive a deadly new Reaper’s Game this July. To get ready for what’s in store, I sat down and played through two complete in-game days to get a taste of how Square Enix has changed and improved the experience that the 2008 original a cult classic. 

Story was a big reason why The World Ends With You became so beloved so, for those who want to go in fresh, I’ll avoid discussing specific narrative beats for Neo. Instead, I’ll break down the game’s two primary pillars, combat and exploration, to give a sense of what they entail and how it’s shaping up thus far. 


Neo’s combat is team-focused this time around, with protagonist Rindo leading his squad, the Wicked Twisters, up the ranks of the revamped Reaper’s Game. As we previously revealed, players control the Wicked Sisters simultaneously with actions for each member mapped to a specific button. If you’re a fan of games with similar setups, like Valkyrie Profile or Indivisible, you’ll probably feel right at home. 

Overall, the action is enjoyable and fast-paced if not chaotic. You assume direct control of the character you’re currently attacking with, which also allows you to dodge with said character. To switch to another character, simply attack with them. Hitting three buttons while monitoring the respective cool-down meters of the pins equipped to them, while also dodging and switching enemy focus, does have a feel of rubbing your belly and patting your head. There’s a lot to juggle, and I only had three of the four party members.  

I gradually became used to it and began playing more strategically, staggering attacks to ensure I had at least one or two moves ready while others recharged. That said, it’s easy for combat to devolve into just spamming attacks which is also fun in a mindless sense. The two bosses I faced, however, required a bit more finesse in timing my assaults. 

In terms of pins, which dictate your offensive abilities, I gave Rindo variations of a melee slash attack. His buddy Fret specialized in fireball style projectiles. Minamimoto, the powerhouse of the bunch, utilized charge-style heavy attacks, such as a flying kick and summoning ice pillars to launch foes airborne. Nailing attacks in succession triggers a kind of stagger state in the enemy rendering defenseless for a brief period and allowing players to deal additional damage. Overall, combat is much more involved than in the original, and I had fun experimenting with different ability loadouts to take down monsters with. 

On the subject of pins, there are dozens upon dozens of them to collect. The ones I obtained mainly came from defeated foes as well as scripted story moments. Pins level up and become stronger the more you use them. They all have a hard cap that doesn’t take too long to hit, which encouraged me to always want to swap out for fresh pins to level up. 

Enemies can only be seen and encountered while in scan mode, and they take the form of fiery red energy balls. Walk into it, and you’ve got a fight on your hands. However, you can also run into multiple enemies to engage in back-to-back battles. The benefit of this approach is earning greater rewards as well as being able to clear the streets a bit faster – for a little while at least.

Exploration And Puzzle-Solving 

Shibuya is bigger than ever thanks to the shift to full 3D environments. Despite this, the camera is fixed with the perspective changing as you enter different areas. I generally prefer to have direct control of the view, but the camera angles were largely unobtrusive and showed me what I needed to see. 

Like the first game, you’ll wander the streets and use your scan ability to read the thoughts of pedestrians. While most of these mental musings are mundane, some puzzles required me to search specific thoughts for solutions. Another required me to look out for multicolored skulls, which were well-hidden amongst various parts of a city intersection. In the first game, you largely moved from Point A to Point B without much do in between that outside of fighting and shopping at vendors. That’s not the case in Neo. The game threw more puzzles at me in the early hours than I expected. They weren’t crazy complicated, but I appreciated their diversity and they offered welcomed breaks to the fighting.

My favorite puzzles involved using Fret’s psychic ability, Rewind. One mission tasked us with tracking down a graffiti artist to discover the original appearance of a design that had since been painted over. First we had to scan around for a mind familiar with the artist’s appearance. Once I did, activating Rewind forced that person to focus on that particular memory. This takes the form of a cut up picture, the pieces of which come together by rotating both analog sticks in the correct positions until the mental image becomes whole again. Once I got a clear view of my subject, all that was left was to search the streets around until I found the artist. 

It’s a neat little power, and every member of the Wicked Twister their own unique ability. We already know about Rindo’s Rewind power, which allows to relive and change certain events once per day during scripted sequences. I’m itching to see what the other team members bring to the table. 

This is just a sample of what Neo: The World Ends With You has to offer, but I had a great time exploring this expanded Shibuya and getting to know Rindo and the gang. The charm and sense of style that made first game so endearing seems to be intact but with a lot more bells and whistles on the gameplay side of things. To learn more about the game, check out this list of 6 other aspects about the game we learned during an interview with the development team. 

Neo: The World Ends With You launches for PlayStation 4 and Switch on July 27 and comes to PC later this year.


Guerrilla Games Offers Clarity Regarding Horizon Forbidden West’s Release Date

We recently sat down with some of the team at Guerrilla Games to discuss the latest Sony State of Play, where Horizon Forbidden West’s gameplay was finally unveiled. Fans were pining the presentation would also reveal a release date, but were left more puzzled when no release timeframe was given. This included no longer having the previous “2021” listing. We were also curious. Did this mean the game was slipping out of 2021?

To set the record straight, we asked game director Mathijs de Jonge if Horizon Forbidden West was still on track to release this year, or if things had shifted away from that timeframe.  “The development is on track,” de Jonge tells Game Informer. “The thing is, these are just strange times that we’re all in and we have never finalized and shipped a game under these kinds of circumstances. So we are constantly calculating our schedules and looking at, ‘Okay, where are we?’ and ‘Are there any unforeseen things that might happen?’ We just want to be super confident when we announce the release date, that we’re actually going to hit it. So we just need a little bit more time, and then we can come back with a final release date.” 

So there you have it. Horizon Forbidden West hasn’t been delayed out of 2021, but it’s also not a “sure thing” for launching this year either. Given everything that’s happened with COVID-19 and how studios have had to alter how they make games, it’s understandable that Guerrilla Games is being cautious about listing a specific date until it’s absolutely sure it can deliver on it. At least we know the team at Guerrilla wants to have confidence in the date provided. Hopefully, we’ll know more soon regarding a date. 

For more on Horizon Forbidden West, check out our recent video interview with the developers.


Horizon Forbidden West Devs On New Abilities, Release Window, And More

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Horizon Forbidden West ranks high on our list of most anticipated games, so we were thrilled to finally see the game in action in the latest Sony State of Play. Running on the PlayStation 5, we saw around 14 minutes of gameplay, which introduced us to some awesome features, such as a grappling hook and glider to traverse the new westward landscape with ease, alongside Aloy’s new arsenal for taking down mechanical beasts. Get ready for smoke bombs, adhesive grenades, and the ability to shoot weapons off enemies to pick up and give them a taste of their own medicine.

The trailer also brought back a character from Aloy’s past, Erend, who will be essential in helping her figure out the mysteries behind an incoming storm, a disease called Red Blight, and a dangerous tribe with the power to override machines. 

We had the opportunity to interview key members from the Horizon Forbidden West team to get a little more info on all of these aspects and more, including how the skill tree has evolved and whether or not the game is still on track to launch this year. Watch the video above with game director Mathijs de Jonge and narrative director Benjamin McCaw, where we ask about the elements introduced in the gameplay reveal and press them on if a shark machine will be swimming below the water’s surface with us. 


Psychonauts 2: Exclusive Look At New Level Gameplay (4K)

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When you think of the original Psychonauts, what comes to mind? The wacky characters? The bonkers story? For many, the 2005 title is so beloved because of its use of colorful and distinct brain levels to keep the world feeling fresh and interesting. Everything we’ve seen thus far of Psychonauts 2 paints a familiar picture for fans of the franchise, with developer Double Fine putting Raz smack-dab into some of the wildest minds we’ve seen yet. Here’s an exclusive look at one of the new levels fans will be playing through when we finally get our hands on the game later this year!

In Psychonauts 2, Raz enters the mind of Hollis Forsythe, second-in-command of the Psychonauts, to fix a mistake he created in his professor’s mind. The psychic organization is starting to go bankrupt and Forsythe believes gambling could be the way to save them all after Raz inadvertently uses his Mental Connection ability to connect the two ideas.

But when Raz enters the psychic portal to Hollis’ mind, he finds there’s more going on in here than the spinning of a few roulette wheels. Hollis has connected the casino theme with the past trauma of her days working at a hospital and there’s a lot of damage Raz needs to work his way through. In a first for the series, Raz will explore Hollis’ brain in a 2.5D section as he relives the days when Hollis’ hospital superior stole her life’s work and claimed it for his own.

The hospital meets high roller theme isn’t only reserved to the storytelling, though. As you traverse Forsythe’s cranium, players will observe skeletons walking the casino floors, medically-themed artwork hanging from the walls, and more.

But what’s a good casino without games to play, right? In a bizarre morgue mini-hub world, Raz will have his choice on where he’ll want to explore. Today we’re going into the Pharmacy section to play Pillinko to get one step further towards saving his teacher’s mind. In this pachinko-inspired mini-game, Raz’s goal is to ride the pill down into the stomach to win the cash prize. But as you can see, his way is blocked off and he’ll have to further traverse the casino-meets-hospital if he wants to prevail over his mistakes.

To do that though, Raz will need to use the power that got him into this mess to escape this neon-soaked nightmare. Using the new psi-power Mental Connection, Raz will be able to partake in the parlous platforming found deep within Hollis’ mind. Zipping from platform to platform by connecting new ideas and nodes allows our hero to fly above the play space and hopefully do enough to get the Psychonauts’ second-in-command back on track.

If you enjoyed this look at Psychonauts 2, be sure to click the content hub below where we have tons of amazing content featuring Raz and the good devs at Double Fine!


Where The Heart Leads – New Gameplay Today

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After a terrible storm hits Whit Anderson’s farmstead a massive sinkhole opens up in his backyard. Unfortunately for Whit, his dog gets trapped in the hole. How does Whit rescue his hapless pup? He straps a bathtub to a winch and takes it for a ride down the massive hole. Unfortunately, Whit eventually falls into the hole and becomes transported to a strange world that seems to be constantly shifting like some kind of dream. Where The Heart Leads is a new game from Armature studios, a studio formed by ex-Metroid Prime developers, and the project takes classic adventure game elements then combines them with modern action game sensibilities to create something that looks truly special.

After the fall, Whit finds himself with a strange new power: the power to revisit memories. Each memory is haunting and dreamlike, but ultimately shows Whit the power (and consequences) of the billions of choices he’s made throughout his life. Of course, the choices that Whit makes during this new adventure will also shape the narrative you experience.

Join Alex Van Aken and Ben Reeves as they sit down with studio founder and director Todd Keller to talk about his vision for this surreal experience, how he’s aiming to tell a personal story through fantastical elements, and what he learned while working on Metroid that still helps him makes games today. We have a good time and hope you enjoy the show.

You won’t have to wait long before playing Where the Heart Leads since the game releases on July 13 on Xbox and PC. For more information, check out the game’s official website. If you enjoyed this episode of New Gameplay Today, be sure to subscribe to the Game Informer YouTube channel and catch up on previous episodes here.


New God Of War Release Date Window Delayed, Confirmed For PS5 And PS4

When Sony Santa Monica first revealed the sequel to the PlayStation 4 hit God of War, fans were eager to crack the code of what Ragnarok would have to offer. The studio originally had a specific release window in mind, but after a global pandemic and being realistic about the state of the game, the team has decided to shift the expected release window from 2021 to 2022 instead. 

The news of the release window delay first broke buried within a recent PlayStation Blog post, but Santa Monica further elaborated with a dedicated post of its own. In a tweet from the California-based studio, it was confirmed that the God of War sequel is expected to drop sometime next year.

“Since the release of the next God of War teaser last year, we’ve been humbled by the amount of love our community has shown us,” reads the above tweet. “We’re incredibly grateful to see so many people excited to experience the next chapter of Kratos and Atreus’ journey.”

It continued, saying, “We remain focused on delivering a top-quality game while maintaining the safety and wellbeing of our team, creative partners, and families. With this in mind, we’ve made the decision to shift our release window to 2022.” 

While delays are always a slight bummer when excitement is involved, the decision to push a release date back is usually the smart one to make. It’s better to take the additional time to ensure that the shipped experience is what was promised and what the team wants to share with the world. The alternative is rushing something out the door and having to spend time post-release fixing what was broken because it launched too soon. 

In the previously mentioned blog post, Sony Interactive Entertainment’s Sid Shuman confirmed that God of War is among the titles that will be releasing on both PS5 and PS4 systems. The cross-generational confirmation is especially good news when looking at the persistent shortage of this gen’s consoles. 


Atari VCS Release Date Is This Month

The Atari VCS is a name that has been floating around the games industry for years now. We first saw a model of the Atari VCS at the Game Developers Conference in 2018, but the console/PC hybrid system has still not hit store shelves. However, Atari has now announced that the VCS is launching sooner than we think, as the system that is set as the reentry of one of gaming’s most iconic companies into the console market comes out June 15.

With a design inspired by the Atari 2600 system, the Atari VCS very intentionally calls back to the history of the fabled game company. However, Atari hopes the VCS delivers a modern and fully featured multimedia experience across gaming, entertainment, and productivity that will draw the affection of creators and gamers alike. 

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While the Atari VCS wants to be a versatile multimedia machine, its success or failure will come down to the gaming experience. The library features more than a dozen games from indie developers, with games like Jetboard Joust, Guntech, Boulder Dash Deluxe, and Something Ate My Alien. Atari will also throw its own game, Missile Command: Recharged, into the catalog. Each Atari VCS also comes with a copy of the Atari VCS Vault, which includes access to 100 arcade and Atari 2600 games. Atari VCS owners also get access to Antstream Arcade, an on-demand game-streaming service that offers access to large collection of retro titles.

Atari also partnered with popular third-party controller maker PowerA to create two controllers for the Atari VCS. The first one is modeled after the classic joystick controller from the Atari 2600. The second, the Atari Modern Controller, looks closer to the form factor that owners of PlayStation or Xbox consoles have come to expect. Both controllers feature rumble, LED lighting, USB charging, and wireless Bluetooth connection to the Atari VCS, PCs, and mobile devices. 

As with most consoles in 2021, the VCS wants to become a device you use in your living room for more than just gaming. The dashboard features various popular streaming services, and if users access the Atari VCS Companion app from the iOS App Store or Google Play, they can play various media. Additionally, the VCS includes a built-in Chrome browser, as well as Google’s Workspace apps.

The system features an AMD Ryzen processor and is capable of 4K resolution, HDR, and 60 frames per second. The console includes internal storage options with the ability to expand, dual-band WiFi, Bluetooth 5.0, and USB 3.0 support. You can also install either Windows or Linux as an alternative operating system and turn your VCS into a mini PC. 

The Atari VCS launches on June 15, with the Onyx Base System costing $299.99. The All-In system bundles (available in Black Walnut or Onyx) includes the Classic Joystick and the Modern Controller costs $399.99. Each of those controllers is available separately for $59.99.


NBA 2K21 Gets New Puma Gear, Including The Court Rider 2K Sneaker

If you’re a fan of NBA 2K and Puma apparel, you may be happy to hear about a new collaboration between the two brands. The companies are partnering up to launch the Puma x 2K Collection, a new clothing line that makes its way into NBA 2K21 beginning today.  The collection includes new top options and, for sneakerheads, the latest addition to Puma’s Court Rider sneaker line.

The collection, which you can view in the gallery below, includes short and long-sleeved t-shirts as well as a dual-colored hoodie. The centerpiece of the collection is the new Puma Court Rider 2K basketball sneaker, which your MyPlayer character can now rock on the court. You can purchase the items from the in-game store using VC at the following prices:

  • Short sleeve and long sleeve – 6,500 VC each
  • Shoe – 9,000 VC
  • Hoodie – 10,000 VC

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To celebrate the launch of this partnership, 2K and Puma are giving away pairs of real-life Court Rider 2K sneakers to the first 21 players who picked the Puma endorsement option during 2K21’s MyCareer mode. There’s no word on when the winners will be notified. Meanwhile, everyone else hoping to snag a pair of the shoes will have to wait until June 21 when the Puma Court Rider 2K, along with the rest of the Puma x 2K Collection, goes on sale at retail and online storefronts. 

If you’re among the surge of new players to pick up NBA 2K21 when it was free on the Epic Games Store or joined Xbox Game Pass in March, looks like you’ve got some new goodies to look forward to. If you haven’t stepped on the court yet and are wondering how it stacks up, GI editor Kim Wallace said in her review of the next-gen version that “NBA 2K21’s full-team on-court action plays the best it ever has, and the graphical leap is impressive to boot, but it still comes up short in some key areas. Visual Concepts still hasn’t figured out a great way to elevate its online play, and microtransactions continue to destroy what should be a fun part of the experience. I love creating spectacular plays and the thrill of sinking a buzzer-beating three, but the moment I walk into the online space, that feeling evaporates. It becomes about the money, not about the love of the game.”

So sneakerheads, what do you think of the Puma Court Rider 2K? Share your thoughts in the comments.


Mass Effect’s Conrad Verner Feels Very Different Through The Lens Of Surviving Assault

When I was active duty, I was taught more efficient ways of self-defense. Those lessons gave me confidence that bordered on too confident in certain situations. Assault is something I’m intimately familiar with, both within my family life in the past and growing up homeless off and on. However, protecting yourself can be hard to do when the injury comes from someone you thought you could trust and as I replay through the Mass Effect trilogy for the billionth time with the Legendary Edition, it finally clicked with me why the Conrad Verner story arc made me uncomfortable in a way that it never has before. 

Let me be very clear, I have always enjoyed Conrad’s story in the trilogy. The overly obsessive Commander Shepard fan was an interesting take on how life would be like as the First Human Spectre and the very real downsides of an overly large spotlight. This is not me attacking BioWare or the character. This is me sharing how interesting it is our perceptions of games change based on our own personal experiences. Narrative games are a gift and they don’t have to be sunshine and rainbows in order to enjoy them. But as I played through the Legendary Edition for the first time and got lost in all of the unique ways that the remaster made these games even better, I noticed an unfamiliar annoyance with his character that I don’t remember ever feeling. When I played through the remaster a second time, it finally clicked. 

During a work event in the past, a former colleague assaulted me in a way that I’m still dealing with after years of stalking and emulation. I still deal with the fear of even hearing his name; a fear that I’m still adjusting to because I’ve always considered myself a “badass.” But when it’s someone you cared about, someone you’ve always fought for, the notion of hurting them in turn just … doesn’t feel right. So I let it happen, and I got away the moment I saw my opening. Charges were pressed and I thought I could move on. And I did, mostly! But that particular experience changed how I saw good ‘ol Mr. Verner through the Legendary Edition lens. The parallels were hard to ignore. The sweet facade, the harmless attitude, the disconnect from reality? All there. As I went through as FemShep and this character kept popping up, I noticed a tingling sensation at the edge of my periphery, thinking back on how I should have seen the warning signs in my own life. 

In the game, you have the option to rebuff him, disillusion him from the notion that he’s entitled to your life in any way. When he tries to become Commander Shepard, the player can set him right once and for all; there is even a way to do so that eventually leads to good things for this character in the third game. But in real life? It’s not always like that. You have people that don’t believe you even though the evidence is all there. You have the people that see the consequences that your attacker faces and tell you that you should be the one to bear them, not him. You have the people that see you as the provoker even though that couldn’t be further from the truth. Everyone weighs in with their thoughts, even when they know nothing. Safety is what you make it, even if you can’t make it until after that safety has been thrashed. 

Assault, stalking, fear imposed by others not respecting personal boundaries? It can happen to women, it can happen to men. Adults, kids. Anyone. Conrad is just a fictional character. Harmless. A little lost. We’ve all been there, but it is very interesting to see that no matter how many playthroughs I’ve had of the Mass Effect trilogy (cough, cough 34), that new life experiences can still change certain aspects, completely transforming how we feel about our favorite gaming adventures. 


Far Cry 6 Won’t Offer Map Editor, Arcade Mode Not Returning For Future Games

We’ve learned quite a bit about Far Cry 6 recently, including new characters, the blood of rebellion, and what the next step for the Ubisoft franchise has to offer longtime fans. For those that were curious as to whether the beloved Arcade Mode and map editor would be making a comeback, we’ve got some bad news. 

Several Far Cry 6 devs took to Reddit to answer some fan questions, including one specifically asking about whether or not the map editor would be coming back for the latest game. When confirming that no, it would not be in Far Cry 6, the creative team also confirmed that Arcade Mode would not be returning in future titles in the series. According to game director Alexandre Letendre, “No, Arcade will not come back. Removing this mode from our plan was a difficult decision, but allowed us to focus our efforts on the main campaign, transporting players into the heart of a modern-day guerrilla revolution.”

The reasoning is sound, especially with some fans feeling like Far Cry may have hit a snag much like Assassin’s Creed did before that team took some time off from the annual release cycle. To focus more on what makes the game special is important, but it’s hard to deny that I’m personally going to miss Arcade myself. I know I’m far from alone in enjoying what Far Cry 5’s Arcade Mode had to offer. Trying to recreate some of my favorite games within Far Cry 5 was stupidly fun, I’ll be sad to see it fade away into Far Cry’s past. 

The good news is that Far Cry 6 will have plenty of other nifty features to enjoy, including the franchise’s largest map to date and even more side quests to take on. Ubisoft also promises a few other surprises regarding the Far Cry 6 experience, something we’ll be learning more about before the game’s launch this October. 

Even still, the upcoming Far Cry game – which is, to be clear, political in nature – looks like it could be incredible, and not just because you can have an adorable canine companion named Chorizo

What say you? Yay or nay on the nixing of Arcade Mode in the Far Cry franchise? Are you sad to see its removal, or was this a long time coming? Sound off with your thoughts in the comment section below! 


No Man’s Sky Prisms Update Is Out Now

Hello Games continues to update and improve No Man’s Sky. Coming in hot after the recent Mass Effect tie-in, this latest update hitting today is known as Prisms. Prisms is largely focused on improving visuals, as a massive overhaul to existing objects, structures, and more. Everything from planetes to creatures to weather effects has been given a significant tuning, down to light-refracting rain and new lighting effects to discover in cavernous systems located. This all comes with numerous new effects to check out. The trailer below lays out in detail what Prisms brings to the table, so check it out!

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While Expeditions before it added a ton of new systems, features, and mechanics, Prisms is focused on making No Man’s Sky look better. Some of these upgrades cross into other areas though, like adding fur to creatures or adding new classes of companions that can be tamed and ridden in the sky, like flying worms, giant butterflies, and huge beetles. If you’re not flying around on a giant bug, are you really playing at all?

Alongside all of these visual improvements, it makes sense that Photo Mode would also be tuned up to handle all the eye candy, so that’s part of the Prisms patch too! Players have more control over the photo-taking experience with new controls to tinker with. Prism improvements are best (more detailed) on Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5, and PC. This patch is hitting today, so if you are eager to jump back in and see what all the fuss is about, you should be able to log in and check it all out right now.

No Man’s Sky continues to push out large content updates, many years since the initial launch. With so many content buckets, it is definitely a game that has changed massively since its rollout. Check out the original Game Informer review here, though the game is a much different beast today.

Have you gone back to No Man’s Sky since launch? Do you want to? Are you going to check out Prisms? Let us know in the comments!


PlayStation Website Is Removing Parties, Friends, Trophy Info, And More Next Month

Sony has been making quite a few changes to its PlayStation website over the past few years, slowly removing features to consolidate down to the mobile app and console interface. In the latest update, Team Blue confirmed that a few more features are being slashed from the PlayStation site, including removing access to your game library, friend information, Trophies, and more.

In a new blog update from Sony, the company confirmed that MyPlayStation will no longer be supported, which limits the following features: 

  • Games library
  • Parties
  • Friends
  • Trophies
  • Profile information

The above features will still be accessible via PlayStation 4 and 5 consoles, as well as the PS App that continues to see more modernized updates. I would love to see the app offer a way to see your screenshots like the Xbox app does. It would be great for those who, like me, love to use those in-game captures as fancy wallpapers and such. 

The removal of MyPlayStation will be finalized on June 28, alongside the removal of the PS Vita messaging service. Back in April, Sony also removed PlayStation Communities from PS4 systems, though you can still access it through the app, as well. 

You can read the full list of features being removed, as well as what has already been taken away, right here direct from Sony’s website.

PlayStation fans have been pretty vocal about their disappointment regarding feature removal decisions made by Sony. Many have expressed frustration on forums such as Reddit and Resetera about how the push for the mobile app seems almost aggressive. There are sound reasonings as to why certain features are being removed, especially for outdated systems like the PS Vita, but can that be said for everything getting the app dependency? You decide in the comment section below. 


First Nintendo E3 2021 Showcase Details Revealed

E3 is just around the corner and gaming companies from all over the world are prepping delightful announcements to share with fans. Among them, is Nintendo, and the Big N has just revealed the first details of its E3 2021 showcase. 

The Nintendo Direct E3 edition is set to go down on June 15 at 9 a.m. Pacific / 12 p.m. Eastern. While we don’t know exactly what Nintendo will be sharing, because where is the fun in that, we do know that the showcase is set to last around 40 minutes and will primarily be focused on Nintendo Switch software releasing this year. 

After the main event, there will be around three hours of gameplay shown during the following Nintendo Treehouse Live stream, showing off even more about what will be revealed during E3. 

There have been rumors lately about a possible Nintendo Switch Pro being revealed in the near future. While some trustworthy sources have backed up those claims, it is important to temper those expectations now. The showcase explicitly talks about software, not hardware. That could be a deterrent to save the element of surprise, but nothing concrete has been confirmed at this time regarding any sort of updated Switch system being shown off. 

As for E3 itself, the showcase is set to go live on June 12 and end on the 15th. Microsoft and Bethesda are also teaming up before the fun begins next weekend, kicking off this year’s all-digital festivities. To learn more about what else is happening, including theories on what’s going to be revealed, check out our exclusive E3 2021 hub here to stay in the know as it updates daily. 

What do you hope Nintendo has up its proverbial sleeve for E3 2021? What are you most excited for when it comes to potential reveals? Sound off with your thoughts in the comment section below! 


Valorant Mobile Is Coming, Community Celebrates Over 14 Million Active Players

Valorant, a competitive 5v5 shooter, emphasizes weapon accuracy, advantageous angles, and clutch plays. With a vivid color palette as well as character designs that are reminiscent of other infectious hero-shooters, it’s no wonder that Riot’s team-based title has finally amassed 14 million active players with half a billion games played in the first year. In light of this success, a mobile port is on the way and a month-long celebration is slated to begin.

“One of our top goals this first year was to earn the trust and respect of the global FPS community, and to prove to them that Valorant will always uphold the fundamentals of a truly worthwhile competitive tac-shooter,” stated Executive Producer Anna Donlon. “To see our growing player community recognize and appreciate what we’re trying to do with Valorant is beyond what we could’ve expected and we’re thrilled to soon offer the same competitive Valorant experience to even more global players.”

In response to the good news, Riot is planning to expand Valorant’s horizons by bringing the experience to the small(est) screen with Valorant Mobile. Additionally, players can expect to be flooded with in-game goodies over the course of the month as Riot plans to give its loyal community redeemable player cards, free event passes, and other initiatives. Valorant Mobile doesn’t have a release date/period, but we’ll all likely hear more news when Riot is ready.

Dan Tack appreciated Valorant’s methodical gameplay loop and strategic mechanics concluding his review by stating, “Valorant doesn’t reinvent aspects of core tactical shooters, but it differentiates itself in meaningful ways by giving players new ways to glean information, protect areas, and obscure enemy perception. While Valorant’s characters may be mundane and its modes limited, I had plenty of fun with its precision shooting, careful planning, and soft footsteps.”

Any Valorant players in the comment section planning on enjoying the month-long festivities? And how do you think the game will play on mobile devices?


Valorant Amasses 14 Million Active Players With Plans For A Mobile Port

Valorant, a competitive 5v5 shooter, emphasizes weapon accuracy, advantageous angles, and clutch plays. With a vivid color palette as well as character designs that are reminiscent of other infectious hero-shooters, it’s no wonder that Riot’s team-based title has finally amassed 14 million active players with half a billion games played in the first year. In light of this success, a mobile port is on the way and a month-long celebration is slated to begin.

“One of our top goals this first year was to earn the trust and respect of the global FPS community, and to prove to them that Valorant will always uphold the fundamentals of a truly worthwhile competitive tac-shooter,” stated Executive Producer Anna Donlon. “To see our growing player community recognize and appreciate what we’re trying to do with Valorant is beyond what we could’ve expected and we’re thrilled to soon offer the same competitive Valorant experience to even more global players.”

In response to the good news, Riot is planning to expand Valorant’s horizons by bringing the experience to the small(est) screen with Valorant Mobile. Additionally, players can expect to be flooded with in-game goodies over the course of the month as Riot plans to give its loyal community redeemable player cards, free event passes, and other initiatives. Valorant Mobile doesn’t have a release date/period, but we’ll all likely hear more news when Riot is ready.

Dan Tack appreciated Valorant’s methodical gameplay loop and strategic mechanics concluding his review by stating, “Valorant doesn’t reinvent aspects of core tactical shooters, but it differentiates itself in meaningful ways by giving players new ways to glean information, protect areas, and obscure enemy perception. While Valorant’s characters may be mundane and its modes limited, I had plenty of fun with its precision shooting, careful planning, and soft footsteps.”

Any Valorant players in the comment section planning on enjoying the month-long festivities? And how do you think the game will play on mobile devices?


Crysis Remastered Trilogy Arrives This Fall

Crysis Remastered Trilogy is launching sometime this fall. The package includes last year’s modernized version of Crysis as well as remasters of Crysis 2 and Crysis 3 to run on modern consoles and PC. The bundle is the result of a development partnership between Crytek and Saber Interactive.  

While Crysis Remastered launched as a standalone title last summer, this is the first time that the second and third games have been shined up for a modern encore. Unfortunately, Crytek hasn’t detailed the specific upgrades those games will receive, but Crysis Remastered boasted improved visuals with a resolution up to 8K as well as HDR and ray tracing. While you wait for Crytek to confirm the technical details, you can get a visual sense of the improvements by watching the teaser trailer below.

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If you’ve already experienced Crysis Remastered and just want to play the remaining two games, Crytek states that Crysis 2 and Crysis 3 Remastered will eventually be sold as standalone titles (but doesn’t specify when that will happen). The downside of this package is that none of the games will include their respective multiplayer modes. Still, if you missed out on the Crysis series back in the day, this package offers the perfect opportunity to give it a shot without having to stare at aging visuals.

Crysis Remastered Trilogy is coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC. There doesn’t appear to be native PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S versions of the game, but Crytek says playing on current-gen hardware via backwards compatibility will offer an even “smoother” experience. There’s no word on price as of yet. For more on the series, you can read our reviews for the original versions of each game down below.

Crysis 2
Crysis 3

Are you excited to blast through the Crysis Trilogy one more time or will you be taking your first trip? Let us know in the comments!


Razer Announces First E3 2021 Showcase

E3 2021 is just around the corner and promises fun game reveals, more than a few surprises, and closer looks at some of the adventures we are most excited about. While we already know the major gaming studios that will be at this year’s showcase, Razer has just announced that it is hosting its first-ever E3 showcase. While we don’t know the full lineup yet, the gaming peripherals company promises some epic news for E3 2021. 

Razer CEO Min-Liang Tan announced today that there will be a stunning line of new hardware for Razer to show off later this month. The Razer E3 keynote will be internationally broadcasted with the rest of this year’s showcase with promises of impressive tech to show off and an inside look at the future ahead for the big-name tech company. 

This will mark the first time Razer has had a showcase at E3. The company has been present for the event in the past with booth space and press invites, but never a dedicated showcase purely focused on what’s coming down the pipeline. The company’s E3 presentation is dedicated to showing off Razer’s innovation and goals for the year ahead, as well as a closer look at the most recent plans for the tech brand. 

After Razer’s E3 2021 showcase, the company will be offering an extended RazerStore Live virtual event that will be hosted by “gaming celebrities” and official Razer reps. There will be products reveals, tech displays, and a few surprise giveaways. To learn more, be sure to check out the official blog post from Razer right here. The showcase is set to go live on June 14 at 3 p.m. Pacific. 

Be sure to also mosey on over to our official E3 2021 hub here for more news about this year’s all-digital showcase. 

Are you excited to see what else Razer has in store, or are you more just focused on which games will be revealed? Sound off with your thoughts in the comment section below! 


Longtime Sonic Voice Actor Returning To Role After Vacating Earlier This Year

Earlier this year, voice actor Roger Craig Smith tweeted he was vacating the role of Sonic the Hedgehog after a decade of lending his voice to the character. Smith, who had voiced Sonic in the games and cartoon series since 2010, tweeted a heartfelt goodbye with an image of a broken blue heart in January. Smith followed up that tweet last month with an image of a mended blue heart and the announcement that he is back.

The announcement from Smith came the day before Sonic Central, a livestream event from Sega and Sonic Team announcing several projects and brand collaborations. “I can’t fully express my gratitude for the [Sonic the Hedgehog] crew and community,” the tweet said. “I hope to honor your support and passion as I’m officially back voicing Sonic the Hedgehog in games. Can’t wait for ya to see what we have planned! THANK YOU…from the bottom of my blue heart.”

The following day, when Sonic Central aired on YouTube, Smith was featured in a segment following the announcement of Sonic Colors: Ultimate, a remaster of one of Smith’s first projects as the Blue Blur. Smith appeared on screen to announce Sonic Colors: Rise of the Wisps, a two-part animated series taking place in the world of Sonic Colors. “This two-part animation is the first of some short-form animations coming your way that will feature full dialogue from the Sonic voice cast,” Smith said in the Sonic Central stream. “In this, you follow Sonic and Tails to Sweet Mountain as they meet up with their new friend, the Jade Ghost Wisp, to free all the captured Wisps from the evil Dr. Eggman and his robot henchmen.” 

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen animated shorts from the Sonic universe. In the last few years, we’ve received shorts surrounding the releases of Sonic Mania and Team Sonic Racing. However, those animated shorts were not voiced. With Sonic Colors: Rise of the Wisps, the direction seems to be heading towards the more traditional, voiced approach to animation, featuring the voice actors fans know from the games.

Sonic Colors: Rise of the Wisps debuts this summer, but that’s not all we’re getting from Sonic over the next several months. Sonic Colors: Ultimate launches on September 7, while we’ll learn more about two other projects coming from Sega with Sonic Origins and the untitled next mainline game from Sonic Team

[Source: Sonic the Hedgehog on YouTube, Roger Craig Smith on Twitter]


Giveaway: Godzilla Vs. Kong Digital Movie

From the Studio: Legends collide as Godzilla and Kong clash in a spectacular battle for the ages. As Monarch embarks on a perilous mission into uncharted terrain, unearthing clues to the Titans’ very origins, a human conspiracy threatens to wipe the creatures, both good and bad, from the face of the earth forever. 

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While it is available for purchase on digital now, we have 10 Godzilla Vs. Kong digital movies to give away, all you need to do is enter below by 6/14/2021 for your chance to win one. You can enter once per day via some methods below. Winners will be selected by random drawing from all eligible entries on or after 6/15/2021 and digital codes will be sent via email. Godzilla Vs. Kong is rated PG-13. NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. Must be a legal resident of the U.S. age 13 or older to redeem movie code. Full rules available with each entry method below. Good Luck!

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Battlefield 6 Reveal Set For Next Week Ahead Of E3 2021

There have been so many rumors about what the Battlefield 6 experience will have to offer, but now that we’re in the thick of E3 2021? It’s time to find out for ourselves. Our first look at Battlefield 6 is set for next week, confirming and denying what’s been hot on the latest rumor mill.

The official Battlefield Twitter account shared a small animated teaser for the reveal planned for next Wednesday: 

Our official first look, beyond the leaks and rumors, will kick off on June 9. In the small teaser video above, you can see the Battlefield 6 name glitch into existence with its high-tech aesthetic. The visual appeal of the teaser does fall in line with many of the rumors out there, including previous footage leaks that seemingly confirmed a return to a modern-day storyline. 

While we don’t have any official news to share outside of ahead-of-schedule leaks, we do at least have a time and date for when we will be learning more. The Battlefield 6 reveal is poised to go live on June 9 at 7 a.m. Pacific / 10 a.m. Eastern. 

It’s been a hot minute since a new Battlefield has hit the scene. The last entry was Battlefield 5, a game that was considered a pretty big miss for fans. The last modern-day Battlefield we’ve had was back in 2006, however, as a true sci-fi entry with Battlefield 2142. 

The showcase will likely include a release date, a window that was previously confirmed to be slated for Q3. Electronic Arts also has its own showcase with EA Play in July, a month post-E3, where a more thorough look is also expected. 

What are you hoping to see from Battlefield 6 now that the team has had some time to pull back and restrategize where they want the shooter series to go next? Sound off and join in on the conversation in the comment section below! 


Resident Evil Village Producer Leaves For Bungie As Studio Hires For New ‘Multiplayer Action Game’

We’ve known that Bungie has been working on a new IP for a while now, but it looks like things may just be ramping up. As the studio hires more talent for a new “multiplayer action game,” Bungie also just nabbed some serious talent found in Resident Evil Village producer Peter Fabiano. 

Fabiano has produced several of the most recent Resident Evil games in the Capcom franchise, but after 13 years with the company, he is leaving to pursue new adventures. Namely, Bungie. Fabiano took to Twitter over the weekend to share the news, saying, “Hard to write this best, so I’ve decided to keep it simple: Thank you, everyone, at Capcom for allowing me to grow together with you over the past 12 years. I’m thankful and will cherish the experience forever.” He later added, “I’ve taken a new position at Bungie, working with some great people and continuing my journey.”

Ending with the standard “Eyes up, Guardian” sign-off known to the Destiny franchise, it looks like he could be working on future Destiny 2 expansions and seasonal growth. Or the new IP that Bungie is working on, especially with a plethora of new hiring roles looking to be filled. 

We’ve had several job listings pop up in the past regarding the mysterious new IP.  Outside of it featuring multiplayer, we’ve seen it described as “whimsical,” but more information is not yet known at this time. The folks over at Destiny News were quick to find the new listing, a job post for an “Incubation Sandbox Designer” for a new “multiplayer action game currently in incubation.” Meaning, of course, the studio’s new IP. 

If you think you’ve got the chops, you can scope out the full job listing right here

What do you think about the Resident Evil producer joining the folks over at Bungie? What are you hoping to see from the Seattle-based studio with its new IP? Join in on the conversation in the comment section below! 


E3 2021 Awards Show Will Take Place On Showcase’s Final Day, Celebrating Game Reveals

E3 2021 is just around the corner and promises a ton of game reveals, first looks, and more news for gamers worldwide to feast those eyes on. The all-digital event will have many surprises in store, in addition to the E3 2021 Awards Show celebrating them all at the end of this year’s showcase. 

According to The Hollywood ReporterThe E3 2021 Awards Show will be a small affair, nothing as large as The Game Awards that happen every December. It will be kicking off on June 15, E3’s final day, and will feature an eclectic list of “winners” regarding which titles have the community the most excited. 

“For this year’s event, we are collaborating with editors at some of the world’s leading video game media outlets to create the Official E3 2021 Awards Show, recognizing the show’s most anticipated games,” said Stanley Pierre-Louis, president, and CEO of the ESA, in a recent press statement. “The broadcast is going to be packed with exciting announcements and reveals, and celebrating innovative publishers and developers is an ideal way to close E3 2021.”

The small awards celebration will feature journalists from various sites, including GameSpot and IGN, and will look back at all of the games revealed during the week-long event to close E3 2021 out with a bang. 

E3 2021 officially kicks off on June 12 and will run until June 15, but the show actually gets started a little sooner than that with the Xbox-Bethesda briefing and a few other pre-shows to jumpstart this year’s event. To make sure you’re in the know about everything E3-related, be sure to bookmark our special hub here to keep track of all the reveals and updates before the show begins.

What are you the most excited to see at E3 2021? Any particular rumors that you’re praying end up being true? Sound off with your thoughts in the comment section below! 


Netflix’s The Witcher Prequel, Blood Origin, Reportedly Casts A Familiar Villain From The Games

With Netflix’s The Witcher season 2 preparing for a trailer and release date reveal, the company’s creative team has been hard at work on a different sort of project with the prequel called Blood Origin. We’ve learned a little bit about the upcoming spinoff in the past, but it was recently revealed that a familiar villain from the games will also be sharing that anticipated spotlight. 

According to the folks at Redanian Intelligencethe same site that has given fans first looks at on-set photos of The Witcher season 2, Australia actor Jacob Collins-Levy is set to join the Blood Origin cast as none other than Eredin Breacc Glas. Name sound familiar? It should, especially if you’ve played the games. This Aen Elle elf became the commander of the elven calvary known as the Wild Hunt. As the King of the Wild Hunt, Eredin earned his role after killing his successor, effectively becoming the new leader that sought after young Ciri. 

The latest casting news is interesting, especially with our first look at the Wild Hunt itself with The Witcher season 2 earlier this year. With a different actor reportedly playing the King of the Wild Hunt in season 2 of the main Netflix show, Levy will be playing a younger version of the character in this prequel as the leader of the Red Riders. 

The new series is a six-part live-action spinoff to the ongoing main series that was an instant hit for the streaming service. Blood Origin will be helmed by Declan de Barra alongside showrunner Lauren Schmidt Hissrich. 

“As a lifelong fan of fantasy, I am beyond excited to tell the story The Witcher: Blood Origin,” mentioned executive producer Declan de Barra when the prequel was first announced. “A question has been burning in my mind ever since I first read The Witcher books – What was the Elven world really like before the cataclysmic arrival of the humans? I’ve always been fascinated by the rise and fall of civilizations, how science, discovery, and culture flourish right before that fall.”

“I am so thrilled to collaborate with Declan and the Netflix team on The Witcher: Blood Origin,” added showrunner Lauren Schmidt Hissrich. “It’s an exciting challenge to explore and expand The Witcher universe created by Andrzej Sapkowski, and we can’t wait to introduce fans to new characters and an original story that will enrich our magical, mythical world even more.”

With Netflix’s The Witcher season 2 back on track and Blood Origin on the way, there will be a lot of coins being tossed in the general direction of witchers in the coming months!

Are you excited to see even more The Witcher goodness on Netflix with Blood Origin? Any other familiar faces you’d like to see make a confirmed appearance? Sound off with your thoughts in the comment section below!


Xbox Game Pass Adding Even More Games, Including For Honor And Darkest Dungeon

Last month, Microsoft revealed quite a few new games joining the Xbox Game Pass’s evolving library. Now that it’s June, the company has revealed even more titles that members can play at no additional cost. 

Like every month, Team Green shares new games that will be a part of the ever-growing library while also showing off what is on its way out to make more room. In addition to the 15 previous titles confirmed, here are what’s on the horizon for Xbox Game Pass subscribers. That includes the previously revealed The Wild at Heart addition, which is a part of Xbox Game Pass starting today. 

What else is coming to Xbox Game Pass:

  • The Wild at Heart (Cloud) – Today
  • For Honor (Cloud and Console) – June 3
  • Backbone (PC) – June 8
  • Darkest Dungeon (Cloud, Console, and PC) – June 10

What’s leaving: 

  • Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown (Console) – June 15
  • Night Call (Cloud, Console, and PC) – June 15
  • West of Dead (Cloud, Console, and PC) – June 15
  • Wizard of Legend (Cloud, Console, and PC) – June 15
  • Observation (Cloud, Console, and PC) – June 15

For those that may still be on the fence about Xbox Game Pass, there are two options to be aware of before diving in. There is the standard Xbox Game Pass experience, which retails for $9.99. Then there is Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, which retails for $14.99 and includes Xbox Live. Xbox Live offers its own perks, including free games every month. That being said, the Live online requirement has previously been removed, so the standard membership for Xbox Game Pass is a solid deal for those that may not be looking for additional freebies. 

We’ll be learning more about what else is coming to Xbox Game Pass during the Bethesda hybrid showcase later this month. To learn more about that, you can check out our previous coverage here

Thoughts on the latest Xbox Game Pass additions and how this service continues to evolve? Sound off with those hot takes in the comment section below! 


Zombies Invade London With Watch Dogs: Legion Of The Dead Game Mode, Starting Today

Zombies have officially invaded London with the latest update for Watch Dogs: Legion. The new mode goes live today with update 4.5, and it’s called Legion of the Dead. As the name implies, hackers from around the world must not just deal with the dangers of billion-dollar corporations but also shambling dead people that have no objective other than to simply kill. Sounds fun, right? 

We knew something new was on the way when Ubisoft first revealed the Watch Dogs: Legion roadmap that teased future expansions, new characters, and more. It looks like the studio was one of many to also have the undead on the brain because that’s exactly what the latest hacking game has to offer. 

Click here to watch embedded media

IGN shared a first look at the new mode with over 21 minutes of gameplay footage to enjoy, as seen above. The PvE mode offers a rogue-lite experience for Legion players looking for something a little fresher to enjoy. Ironic that fresh means dead, but hey, it’s a popular genre for a reason. 

Players can go it alone or pal it up with a co-op group of four. No matter how players choose to play, the objective is the same: get to the extraction point safely, no matter the cost. Like many zombie modes out there, you don’t really seem to win; you just do a little bit better each time. Each run will task players with getting to the extraction zone while gathering as many supplies as they can along the way while strategically keeping each other – and themselves – alive. 

Watch Dogs: Legion Legion of the Dead goes live today with update 4.5, though it’s important to remember that this game mode is in Alpha during this time. That also means that this mode is only available for PC at this time, though it will be coming to all platforms after the Alpha test has concluded.

What do you think of the Watch Dogs: Legion of the Dead gameplay shown above? Cool mode addition or waste of time? You decide! Tell us your thoughts in the comment section below, and tell us whether or not you’ll be jumping into the fray. 


Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier Beta Starts Today

Back in March, Square Enix revealed the first Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier beta details and when registration would go live. Now that interested fans have registered for a chance to get their hands on the upcoming mobile adventure early, the First Soldier beta is ready to officially kick off. 

A lot of gamers still groan in disinterest when mobile games come into the conversation, regardless of the IP. That being said, director Tetsuya Nomura has previously revealed why Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier’s battle royale prequel experience is important to the larger remake picture.

When the battle royale take was first announced, Nomura told fans that First Soldier is an attempt to widen the gaming audience beyond just dedicated players of the Final Fantasy franchise. “The First Soldier isn’t limited to FFVII, but the long-lasting IP fanbase has been [fixed]. To be able to appeal to other fanbases has become an issue for us. I have a strong feeling that I can’t get fid of the big sign ‘FFVII’ and I am developing Final Fantasy VII: The First Solider with the spirit of participating in the hottest genre as a full challenger.” 

Click here to watch embedded media

He also promised fans that this wasn’t some cheap cash grab for a mobile port, instead the team wanted to offer a visually stunning experience that pairs with the Final Fantasy universe flawlessly while also offering up something new. But, it is a mobile game, which means it won’t exactly be everyone’s cup of tea. For those interested, however, the Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier beta is available starting today and will conclude on June 7 on Android and iOS devices. 

While we await to see what fan feedback is regarding The First Solider, we can also prepare to learn more information information about Final Fantasy VII: Remake Part 2, Intergrade, and Ever Crisis in the coming months.

What are your expectations going into the Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier beta? Are you interested in seeing the mobile battle royale take, or are you hunkered down waiting for Part 2 news for the Remake? Sound off with your thoughts in the comment section below!


Borderlands Movie Reveals First Look At Cate Blanchett As Lilith

Eli Roth’s Borderlands movie has certainly built up an eclectic cast to bring some of Gearbox’s most iconic characters to life. While we are likely still a ways off from an actual trailer showing off what’s to come, we do have our first look at Cate Blancett as Lilith from the upcoming Borderlands movie, thanks to fellow cast member Jamie Lee Curtis.

Curtis took to Twitter to share a shadowed look at Lilith, saying, “Welcome to Borderlands and a secret BTS shot I took of Lilith, our legendary heroine, psycho blasting, vault hunting vixen with attitude.” 

Director Eli Roth has taken on this project of bringing the world of Borderlands to the big screen with a cast teeming with talent and surprise character picks. Other confirmed actors for the upcoming film include: 

  • Ariana Greenblatt – Tiny Tina
  • Benjamin Byron Davis – Marcus
  • Cate Blanchett – Lilith
  • Charles Babalola – Hammerlock
  • Cheyenne Jackson – Jakobs
  • Édgar Ramirez – Atlas
  • Gina Gershon – Moxxi
  • Jack Black – Claptrap
  • Jamie Lee Curtis – Tannis
  • Janina Gavankar – Commander Knoxx
  • Florian Munteanu – Krieg
  • Kevin Hart – Roland
  • Steven Boyer – Scooter
  • Ryann Redmond – Ellie

As teased in the above Twitter post,  the upcoming Borderlands movie will star Lilith, played by Blanchett herself. This infamous outlaw has a past she’s not ready for people to uncover, especially when she’s forced to return to Pandora to find Atlas’ lost daughter. To complete her latest mission, she must team up with some of the best of the best. That includes the adorably badass Tiny Tina, the annoying-yet-helpful Claptrap, and so many others. The upcoming movie, much like the games themselves, involves a few redemption arcs, some crass jokes, and a tenuous grip on sanity. The fate of the entire universe is in their hands; it’s up to this group to band together and save the day. Again. 

With the Borderlands franchise having done wonders for the looter shooter genre, it will be interesting to see Roth’s take on the famous Gearbox world. We don’t have a release window at this time, but the movie itself has reportedly begun filming earlier this year in Budapest

Thoughts on the Borderlands movie cast so far? Any particular actor you’d rather see cast instead? Shout out those thoughts loud and proud in the comments below; we’d love to hear what you think!